LLC "Pi automatic" was established in St. Petersburg by specialists with vast experience. Specialists of LLC "Pi-automatic" - working in the staff of different companies, led or participated in the design and construction. And also in reconstruction and modernization, technical re-equipment, complex automation. We put into operation a large number of objects with automatic control.

n the process of implementing projects, there was a need repeatedly to perform exclusive tasks, to adopt non-standard solutions, to develop various solutions for each particular case, and to produce non-standard products.
Pi automatic LLC cooperates with a number of domestic and foreign manufacturers and suppliers of technological equipment, performs survey, pre-design and design works for them, organizes general construction works, installs and adjusts equipment in Russia, develops Russified management systems for imported equipment.
For customers, LLC "Pi automatic" offers various solutions, based on financial possibilities, selects the optimal options for technological solutions for the optimal "price / quality" ratio.
Engineers of our company have 7 years experience in the service and adjustment of HOTRACO equipment.
We are pleased to offer you our customization services.
Remember the high-quality and correct setting guarantees a long and faultless service life



Оборудования для КРС

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КормоМама Альма PRO на 100-120 ошейников

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Assembling of automatic control cabinets and poultry keeping cages

Assembling of automatic control cabinets and poultry keeping cages

Accounting for resource consumption

We suggest you familiarize yourself with the advanced technologies aimed at keeping records of the consumption of resources: cold, hot water, natural gas, electricity and heat energy in the housing and communal services and industrial facilities. The software…

Installation of equipment

We carry out installation: - Cells and cellular equipment; - Automated lighting systems; - ventilation systems; - control cabinets.

Integration of accounting system MOBA in 1C accounting system

We implemented a project to integrate data on the sorting of MOBA in 1C Enterprise