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Equipment for vegetable storages ORION

Regardless of how many individual sections in your repositories are one or 40, Orion…
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Our company is engaged in installation and adjustment of automation software





 This software product offers the following benefits:

OR 5 1 only digits

Real-time receipt of up-to-date information about the state of the case


1. External temperature


2. Average temperature in the house


3. Percentage of total ventilation work


4. The percentage of opening flaps on the vent. Mine (gate)


5. Side windows opening level - closing


6. Humidity in the house


7. Number of days


8. Number of feeds per poultry


9. Schedule of feeding


10. Water discharge per 1 bird


11.chetzenoskost in% for 3 days


12. Percentage of illumination


13. Schedule lighting on


14. Independent timer


15. format display tower (as in the picture)


16. Format display of the house


17. data on weight, mortality, quantity


18. archive of activation of alarms




Based on this data, plus data on management and data from the counters, reports from the program are generated.


          It is also possible to graphically monitor information



          Temperature and humidity graphs



            Аварийную сигнализацию        



            Indicators of feed consumption and its availability in the silo tower



            Egg productivity in tiers and rows