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Оборудование Hotraco Agri

Компания Hotraco Agri является оперирующим в глобальных масштабах поставщиком…
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Present: Fortica.


Radically different from previous platforms and existing technologies, Hotraco sets a new standard in design, versatility, power and ease of use. Based on more than 40 years of experience in the poultry industry and the proven technology of its already existing Orion computer, Hotraco now focuses on improving a number of aspects. The installed functionality and proven algorithms of the already existing generation of computers for poultry farming have been refined and improved with new software to achieve a high degree of reliability. This software is packed with intelligent features and corrective controls that can eliminate most work problems in different situations.


Revolutionary and intuitive touch screen, fully customizable for each user, similar to the interface of a smartphone or tablet. Clear symbols are used to create a 3D image of the houses, while the computer and all texts can be configured in the user's native language. As a result, an extremely convenient poultry computer has appeared, which can be accessed at any time and any place through the online application.


The user can request and access all information about the house. The innovative touch screen computer developed by Hotraco provides users with complete control over all the processes in the poultry, including climate, feed, water, egg flow and bird weighing.


Computer program management.



With the new computer control program, users can optimize the living conditions of the existing livestock and achieve significant savings by reducing energy consumption, feed and labor costs. The Remote + program allows you to manage the Fortica computer remotely. Both mobile apps for Android and iOS are available.