Оборудование собственного производства

Мы рады предложить оборудование собственного производства: Плата контроля уровня воды -…
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We suggest you familiarize yourself with the advanced technologies aimed at keeping records of the consumption of resources: cold, hot water, natural gas, electricity and heat energy in the housing and communal services and industrial facilities. The software can work either continuously or be run as needed. The system is certified as a measuring instrument.

A simple and convenient on-screen interface



A simple, intuitive interface, allows you to conveniently work with the system, view the readings and statuses of counters, print receipts, monitor the balance of resource consumption at the site.


Display of written receipts

Possibility of full or partial payment of receipts

The form of the receipt is configured in Microsoft Word

Control of 10 to 100 000 counters

Multi-tariff accounting of resource consumption



The linear tariff plan provides work with one-rate and multi-tariff meters

A preferential tariff plan provides work with single-rate and multi-tariff meters taking into account the benefits of different strata of the population

PSScript tariff - a programmable tariff plan for complex calculations

Controlling the Balance of Consumption of Resources



The possibility of detecting discrepancies between the readings of the input counter and the sum of the readings of the meters installed at the facility. Helps to identify leaks and illegal consumption of resources.

Building resource consumption graphs


5 1

Construction of a flow chart for a specified time interval with labels from 30 minutes to 24 hours for the selected meter.

Building reports


6 1

Report on subscribers with financial indebtedness

Report on vouchers issued

Report on the change in meter readings over time

Easy access via the Internet



Personal Area

Absolute meter readings

History of resource consumption

History of issue and payment of receipts

Graphs of resource consumption